What is Conifer?

Conifer is an inventory management software platform made specifically for network marketing companies and their sellers. With conifer there are two facets: inventory management and point of sale.

With Conifer’s inventory management features sellers can add their existing inventory and then use that inventory to either sell directly to their clients or to transfer to another seller. This can be extremely useful as selling and transferring inventory are vital abilities which are not included within any other software platform. Inventory storage options include tracking standardized inventory, but can also track customized attributes such as color or size.

The other side of this is Conifer’s point of sale functionality. Point of sale functionality ties directly into inventory management. This means when a sale is completed, the inventory tracking will be updated automatically. Conifer’s point of sale functionality allows for discounts to be applied to transaction totals which means sellers can reward customer loyalty to their most dedicated customers. In addition, customers can choose to split payment types. This means that they can pay with both a credit card and cash or on two separate credit cards.

If a customer is unhappy with a product or decides to return it in store credit can be attributed to that customer’s profile. This gives them the opportunity to keep coming back and give them an opportunity to discover something they do like.

Finally, credit card processing. Integration is currently built so sellers can sign in with their Square account. This enables them to start selling almost instantly after downloading Conifer.

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