Top 3 Problems with Network Marketing Software

As many Network Marketing consultants know, navigating the world of software for their business gets extremely hard, and is many times not very straight forward. There’s plenty of software that is provided by corporate under consultant fees, but many times this isn’t enough and requires the use of third party software. There is plenty of third party software out there built to run traditional businesses, but Network Marketing is anything but.

Here are the top three needs of Network Marketing consultants that we here at Conifer Software think that traditional software completely underserves:

  1. Inventory Management

    There are TONS of inventory management software out there! Inventory management is super important to Network Marketing, and is key to running a successful business. Most softwares are great when it comes to personal inventory, but completely fail when it comes to transferring from other’s or moving between you and your team.

  2. Catalog Management

    Catalog management is hard work! Making sure to keep up to date with the latest catalog from corporate can mean hours wasted for your small business. There are so many options, and covering hundreds of variants of your products can be excruciating. Traditional software keeps all of these catalogs too flat, or too nested within their app, and is just painful to find while you are trying to sell products to your customers.

  3. Customer Tracking

    Traditional point of sale and e-commerce software has done a great job tracking customers for decades. Such softwares are extremely well built, but fall short in one aspect that would increase productivity of your business: managing the conversion from customer to team member. No other type of business deals with this type of problem, and traditional software doesn’t deal with it either!

Enter Conifer: A point of sale, catalog management, and customer tracking app built specifically for the Network Marketing consultant and their business. We saw that too many small businesses and their teams were jumping between tons of different software suites to manage all of their Network Marketing needs. To remedy these problems we built Conifer, and rolled all of these solutions into one easy to use mobile app with one subscription fee.

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