Be the Designer You Were Destined To Be

Being a designer is a fun job, but is doesn’t come without its headaches. Making cool works of art and selling them is why you became a designer in the first place. You did not become a designer to have to keep track of inventory, customers, or track down payments. That’s what Conifer is here to solve.

As a Chalk Couture designer, Conifer was built with you in mind. It’s the tool made to address the problems you face on a daily basis.

As a designer keeping track of inventory can be a pain. The Conifer POS app will do this for you. It allows you to add and keep track of your current inventory as well as keep track of what you paid for your inventory as well. This is important as it can be cumbersome to calculate your profit, factoring in the cost of all your inventory and don’t even get us started on discounts. It can all cause such a headache. Luckily with Conifer Inventory is automatically adjusted whenever you make a sale. If you’re running low on inventory you can even purchase some inventory from a fellow designer and input it into the app as your own inventory.

Tracking your customers can be another headache, not remembering who ordered what and how much they paid can be a huge problem. Luckily, Conifer keeps track of that too! During the checkout flow customers are tracked based on their emails allowing you to view what each customer has purchased and if they decide to become a designer under you, you’ll be able to view their history of purchasing from you. This could also easily be integrated to reward your most active and loyal customers.

Payments can be a discouraging topic to bring up as you are trying to form a relationship with your customers which can often be your friends. Conifer will help you keep track of this, integrating with your payments processor, you can sell your product accepting cash check, or taking a credit card right within the app.

Conifer is designed to help you build the best business you can build and make it as easy to operate as possible so that you can be a thriving entrepreneur.

Perhaps the best thing about Conifer is that it will improve with time. It is intended to make your life better. Conifer is still young and it will get better with time. If there is a feature you feel needs to be added to Conifer we’re all ears, please email us a

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